Yes, The Lord has done Amazing things for us! What Joy! Psalm 126:3

Thursday, May 28, 2009


It was so nice to have John home Monday. Logan loved having him here and I was able to get some needed rest. God knew I needed the extra rest for Tuesday!

Tuesday I was getting Logan up to get ready for therapy. I pulled back the covers and seen his button laying in the bed. His button is what is SUPPOSED to be in his tummy. That's how he eats. I rolled him over to check his tummy to see if I would be able to put it back in. But the hole it goes through had closed up! We are normally able to change the button out ourselves. If the button is left out for very long the hole in his tummy closes up on it's own. Naturally heals like your ears would if you just pierced them and took out the earring. We have been lucky that this has never happened before. A lot of kids even pull theirs out. Logan does really well with his and never messes with it. There is a balloon of water that holds the button in place. The balloon got a hole in it and deflated. I was in a PANIC!!! We hurried up got ready and went to the surgery clinic. It was around 9:00. Logan wasn't able to eat or get his morning meds. We got to the clinic and the doctor tried to put the button back in. The hole in his tummy had closed up to far and it was going to be VERY painful for Logan. I requested they put Logan to sleep. I didn't want him to go through the pain. The doctor had to jab a pin like object into his tummy where the hold closed up. He said he would try to find an O.R. room at one of the hospitals and get us in a.s.a.p. We were able to go straight over to Northwest Medical Center in Bentonville. They were GREAT! We just had to wait on the doctor. The doctor got there around 1:30 and they took Logan back. He did good up until then. He didn't want us to leave him and he knew something was fixing to happen. They took him back and gave him some gas and did the procedure. It only took about 10 mins. and we were able to go back with him. We got back there and he was so upset and in pain. The gas didn't do anything for him. Thank God it was over!!! I just hate that it has to be so painful for him. Logan was released that same day. We got home about 2:30 and he was able to eat and get his meds. John got him to calm down and go to sleep. When he woke up he was back to feeling much much better. He has been doing well with his feeds and the button if FIXED!
Praise the Lord~ We did get some good news at that visit~ Logan is starting to gain some his weight back. We had to go up his calories about a month ago. We had went to the doctor & found out Logan had been losing. Last summer he weighed around 37lbs. At his check up a month ago he only weighed 31 lbs. We knew he was looking thinner but just thought he was growing taller. He is now up to 33lbs. Keep gaining Logan!!!

Wednesday~ We just stayed home to recover and had therapy. OT comes to our home on Wednesdays which is GREAT!

Thursday~ Went to therapy ot and speech.

Friday~ Logan got to start hippa therapy back. (Horse Therapy) He had soooo much fun and did great! We made the appointment later in the evening so John can go with us. He was so EXCITED to get to see Logan ride. He got called out to work and ended up not being able to go with us. But I told him we would take pictures and he's planning to go next week. He's looking forward to it I know.

Saturday~ Logan had baseball game. We got our uniforms in & the kids looked SO cute! Logan had a BLAST! He loves John pushing him really fast to the bases.

I think Logan looks so cute in his helmet. Isn't this a GREAT father/son pic? Love the uniform on him to!

First time @ Aunt Jessie's

Saturday we had Jaimi Josh Jackson and Jordan over for dinner. It was Jordan's first time to come to our house. She did really well. Jaimi I think she's ready to spend the night! She is so sweet!!! Jackson and I took these pictures of her. I think Jackson might be a photographer when he grows up. Good pics of sis Jackson!!

I am so proud of her! Our First Baby GIRL!!!! Uncle John John is proud of her too!!! He thinks she is so sweet.
Isn't she beautiful? Jackson was having so much fun with my camera and got some really good pics of her. Jackson you will have to teach Grandma how to use a camera.
WHAT A FACE!!! She already has figured out how to get her way! She will be able to get anything from daddy with this look.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Logan ate by mouth!!!!!

We are so proud of Logan!!!! He ate a full 3.5 oz. (80 calories) container of Granola baby food today at lunch time. He usually eats all of his feeds through a feeding tube in his tummy. We have been working in therapy to eat by mouth and he has been doing good. The most we usually get him to eat is 1/2 of the container. He hasn't been able to eat much by mouth without gaging and he isn't ever able to eat enough calories to replace a tube feeding. He takes pedisure through his tube with added calories which total 306 calories per feed 5x daily. When we can get him to total that amount per feed then we can start replacing tube feeds with oral feedings. It is a long process but I know we will eventually get there. My long term goal is for him to eat orally 3meals a day and supplement with 2 cans of pedisure. For now we are taking baby steps but are making progress. That's the important thing. I just wanted to share our good news. It made my day!

I cut it~

Well I couldn't do it anymore. If I had to blow dry my hair for 10 minitues anymore I would have for sure had a heat stroke!!! Not 100% sure a short cut is what looks the best on me with my chunky pregnancy face, but I know it's easier and it only takes a few minitues to blow dry and fix. That's what I need right now. So here is a pic of the new cut.

We have made it to 28 weeks!!!

So far everything has been going well and we have made it to 28 weeks!!! We only have 8 to 9 weeks left to go. Please keep us in your prayers that I can continue to carry Landon until he is strong and healthy.

Tuesday morning Johns mom (Kathy) came up from Harrison to help out and spent the night. I was so happy to have her here. She was such a BIG help to me. Logan had therapy and she was able to help me get his bath and do all the lifting. I am getting to where I can't lift him it makes my tummy tighten & the doctor says STOP whatever I'm doing when that happens. No contractions or we will have to deliver. She is planning to come every Tuesday and stay the night until we have Landon. She works the rest of the week and is coming on her 2 days off. Please keep her in your prayers that she won't get worn down.

Jordan had her her 1st check-up appointment yesterday and everything is going great! Jaimi is starting to feel better and was able to be up a little yesterday. After having Jordan, Jaimi told me this would be their last one. She didn't think she could do it again. Last night I talk to her and she thinks she could have 5. I just laughed and told her I'm glad she's starting to feel better.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jackson's night before becoming BIG Brother

Jackson spent the night at our house last Thursday night. Jaimi and Josh had to be at the hospital Friday morning @ 5:30 to induce her labor. We had a really good time with him.

Before Jaimi and Josh left him that night he gave Jaimi's BIG belly hugs and kisses Bye Bye!
We told him next time he sees mommy Jordan will be out of her belly & he would be able to hold her.

After Jaimi and Josh left we headed to Wal-Mart to get baby Jordan a welcome gift.

We got back from Wal-Mart ~ Uncle John John and Jackson had a bed snack. Jackson wanted a banana and John John shared tator tots with him. They were acting like they were monkeys. "ohh ohh"

It's not a sleepover without jumping on the bed..... RIGHT? Jaimi you can blame Uncle John John.

Mom .... We didn't forget to brush our teeth...

Jackson and Logan were ready to go to sleep.

Jackson had his teddy bear and was ready for the lights to go out. Looks like he's sleepy Huh! I think he was so EXCITED to meet his baby sister.

Around 12 we got the call that Jordan was here. Jackson and I headed up to the hospital to meet her. We didn't even have time to get our nap in.

Jackson was practicing how to hold baby Jordan. He picked out the baby doll he's holding for her as a welcome gift.

Josh was taking Jackson back to meet his sister for the first time.

This was the first time Jackson held Jordan. It was is sweet how he looks at her and smiles. She was wide awake waiting to meet her BIG brother.

Later that evening Jackson and I took Uncle John John and Logan up to meet baby Jordan.

Jackson was showing off his baby sister to Logan and Uncle John John. He was so proud!!!

Jackson was checking on his sister. He's going to be such a good helper!

Welcome Baby Jordan~

Born: Friday May 15th 2009 ~ 6lbs. 11oz. 18in.

I know everyone has been waiting to see SWEET little Jordan Kate and get updates on the Edwards family. Sorry it has taken so long. Things have been crazy for us. Jaimi had some problems from her epidural and has been on bed rest. They have just been adjusting to all the changes and getting little sleep! Jaimi will be posting more updates as soon as she gets on her feet. Until then here are a few pictures of Jordan. We are so proud of her. Jackson is such a GREAT BIG brother and is doing so well with her.

Here is a picture of the FIRST time I seen & held her.
She is so BEAUTIFUL and SWEET.
I was so excited I just cried!
Aunt Jessie and Jordan Kate

Jackson is so proud of his baby sister!

Monday, May 18, 2009


I am thinking about cutting my hair. With summer comming up and with me being pregnant I think if I have to blow dry my hair I am going to have a HEAT STROKE! Not to mention when Landon gets here I'm not going to have the time to fix it. I would like to know your opinion... Keep the long hair of cut it off?

Here is a current picture of me with my hair long (& BIG BELLY!)

Here is the new cut that I'm thinking about getting.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame...

Well, Logan had his FIRST baseball practice Saturday. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen! He had so much fun and so did all the other kids. John was just as excited to be out there playing with Logan and I loved watching them!

We all got up early Saturday morning and got around. We explained to Logan what we were going to go do. He acted interested and kept saying "Ba Ba"(ball). We were almost to the fields and I turned around and asked Logan, What are we going to do? I didn't expect him to remember because we hadn't said anything to him about his game since we left the house. But he answered me..." Ba Ba". I was shocked that he remembered!!! I think he was really excited to go play. I will admit John and I were a little nervous. This was a first for us and we weren't for sure how Logan was going to handle all the stimulation. We showed up early and the kids were walking around with their gloves and throwing balls. We were just kind of standing over to the side. John said... Jess how is Logan going to do this? We knew this was a special needs ball team, but all the kids there were able to walk and hold on to their bats, balls and gloves. We aren't able to do that. When I talked to the coach on the phone he knew Logan's situation and said it would be adapted to him, so I reassured John it was going to work for Logan. A few minutes went by and more kids were showing up. Kids in wheelchairs like us came up and we felt a little more in place. The coach introduced himself. He gave a little speech about what was going on and divided the teams. We started playing. Logan and John sat with his team in the dugout. Logan and John went up when it was his time to bat. John helped Logan hit the ball. They took off running to 1st base. They made it, SAFE!!!! Logan was having so much fun. He would gag every so often because of the wind. There was a couple times when the noise upset him, but John just comforted him and told him it's okay. We are really working to get him to tolerate more. He is 5 1/2 and fixing to be a BIG BROTHER! I actually think it's harder on John and me to be the TOUGH ones. We still sometimes see Logan as our baby that has gone through so much. But really he is a BIG BOY that is SO STRONG!!!
John and Logan ready to play ball!

Logan hitting the ball~ GO Logan!!!!

SAFE on 1st base!!!
On the way to SECOND...
RUN!!! RUN!!! RUN!!!

Knuckles Mrs. Linda!!!
Defence in the out field.

When I Look at Logan he inspires me. He makes me a stronger person. When I am faced with what I think is a tough situation, I look at him and think, if he can go through the things he has, why can't I handle the little challenges I am faced with. It makes me have a different outlook on life and a much better attitude. God has given us such a blessing with Logan. He is so much fun and John and I love having him in our lives!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update on our family

~Just wanted to update on whats been gong on with our family. I forgot my password to my blog which is just CARZY. I had to call Jaimi and ask her what it was. I am losing my mind. Anyway...

~ My uncle Billy's Surgery went well & he is now home and recovering. Thank you to all of you who kept him in your prayers.

~Logan starts his FIRST TEAM SPORT this Saturday. He's playing baseball. I think he will really enjoy it and will be so cute in his uniform. We got him a t-ball set at home and have been practicing. (He is REALLY good at it!!!) We will send updates on how things go.

~Jaimi is getting closer and closer to having Jordan. She has been showing signs of early labor and is hoping to have her by this weekend. It doesn't make Jaimi very happy when I say this, But I think she has at least another week. We will see.

~I am 26 weeks this week and so far everything is going GREAT! I'm even getting to experience the "NORMAL" pregnancy aches and pains. Every week that goes by we get more and more excited and know Landon is getting bigger and stronger. Which is a relief to us. Our doctor wants to give me steriod shots to help develop Landons lungs at 34 weeks. As soon as his lungs are showing mature (36 or 37 weeks) she wants to deliver him. She doesn't want me to have contractions because the way my c-section was done with Logan. Please keep us in your prayers that everything will go well the rest of our pregnancy and that we will have a healthy baby boy. I told our doctor my goal with this pregnancy is to get to hold him in my arms after birth and not have to go to the NICU.

~John seems to be doing well with surviving the pregnancy too! I know it has been a challenge for him to deal with me and my hormone changes, but has been so GREAT! He is so loving and supportive. I think he's SO excited about Landon comming that he don't mind to take on all the extras. Logan is so excited about becomming a BIG BROTHER too. When we talk to him about Landon he smiles and says UmBa...UmBa "brother" We ask him were his baby brother is and he points at my tummy. It's so sweet he gives his brother kisses too. He's gong to be such a GREAT big brother.

~Hope you all have a wonderful MOTHERS DAY! Isn't being a mother the BEST thing in the world. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.