Yes, The Lord has done Amazing things for us! What Joy! Psalm 126:3

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Special Needs Mommy...

Yes... that is me! I am a Mommy of a special needs little boy.
Having a child with special needs isn't something I think any parent wishes for. I will be very honest with you it has been a REAL challenge! A challenge God has given me! A challenge I want to PRAISE and THANK him for. Having Logan is such a blessing!
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13
What the Lord wants for us is much better than what we "think" we want.
Remember he sees the full picture.
Logan Grant's Story...

Logan is a Miracle from the Lord above. After reading his story I think you will agree. Logan was born at 25 weeks gestation. He weighed only 11ounces (329grams) and was just 9 -3/4 inches long.

Notice the ink pen above him in this picture. This kind of puts his size in prospective.
his arms were as big around as the pen

I developed preeclampsia at 24 weeks. By 25 weeks my blood pressure was so high and I was very sick. My doctor decided I had to deliver my baby. (The only cure for preeclampsia is delivery) So I was airvacced to UAMS in Little Rock. There I underwent an emergency c-section with in 30min of my arrival. Our sweet tiny tiny little Logan Grant was here 15 weeks early. And was a VERY sick little guy.

The next several weeks ahead of us were very difficult on our family. I surrendered to God. I remember saying to the Lord... It's your will! You are the only one who can help this tiny sick baby. I give him to you and will accept whatever you choose. I was at the weakest point in my life that I have ever been. I was so sick and my baby was even sicker. God was the only one powerful enough to get us though this situation. If God chose to take Logan it would be so hard but he knew what was best. Putting my trust him to get us through whatever was what I was going to do. I had peace knowing God was with us. (If only my faith was always this strong!)

19 Weeks and 3 days later with LOTS of prayers and LOTS of ups and downs. At 3 lbs.14oz. Logan was able to come home from the hospital. He came home on O2 monitors and very long road ahead of us. But we were so thankful to be home and even better with our little miracle. We knew Logan had brain bleeds and vision problems (rop). At that point the doctors couldn't tell us what kind of disabilities Logan may have from the damage on his brain. We had to just wait and watch his development. Once again we had to just pray and give it to the Lord. Remember it's HIS will and not what we think want! God truly knows what is best for our life. As time went on we watched Logan fall further and further behind. Knowing he had disabilities we wondered would he even know who we were? Would he be able to ever sit up, hold a toy, crawl, talk (say mommy I love you) walk? Only God knew and we had to put full trust in him.

I make it sound like it's always an easy thing to do... but it is not always like that for me. I have had many times where I haven't trusted the Lord with the hard situation we are facing. These last 6 years I have went through lots of ups and downs. I haven't ever blamed God or said why me, but I have had LOTS of stress and anxiety. If I would just keep my eye on the Lord and REMEMBER if he brings me to it he will pull me through it. He really is always here to help. We just have to pray and release ourselves to him with every new day and situation! If only I would always apply this lesson...

As Logan got older he started having more and more oral motor problems and severe reflux. For him to suck a bottle it got more and more difficult. He would throw up what he would eat. He wasn't able to get the nutrition he needed. His weight was falling more and more off the charts. We would go to doctors appointments and hear the words failure to thrive. They suggested putting a feeding tube in his tummy. We waited and tried tried to get Logan to eat enough. We were feeding him every 3 hours day and night and adding extra calories. I prayed and prayed! It still wasn't working. My family would tell me that I just wasn't feeding him enough and DID NOT agree with the idea of a feeding tube. This was yet another very big challenge for us to face. I prayed and prayed for God to help. I felt very alone & didn't understand. I really was doing all that I knew to do. I felt like a failure as a mommy. We fought it but Logan was suffering. So we gave in and had the feeding tube put in. They also did a Nissin to help with Logan's reflux.

As all this was going on with Logan we were living with my parents. John and I were in the process of building a house. My dad is a contractor. Him and John would work on our house the evenings. It took us a VERY LONG 10 months to build. If you have ever built a house you would know that is enough stress to make someone CRAZY!Anyway at this point in my life I was just asking God... WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? It had to be me. EVERYTHING seemed to be so hard!

I will have to continue this story later.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Jordan Kate!

Happy Birthday Sweet Jordan! You are such a BIG girl.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE you so much.

This is my favorite picture of Jordan!
You are such a pretty birthday girl Jordan Kate!
This is the jewelry box Aunt Jill and I got Jordan. When I was a little girl I had a jewelry box with the twirling ballerina and I loved it.

I enjoyed making your 1st Happy Cake for you Jordan. I can't wait to make many more for you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Logan lost his 1st tooth...

We are so excited! Logan lost his first tooth Tuesday night. It was such a special moment for us. He's such a BIG boy!!!
The tooth fairy came to visit and left him $3. Did you know the tooth fairy's name is Clara Bell? Jackson informed us. lol..... Grandma Debi and Jackson stayed the night with us Tuesday night. They were both so excited to be here to see Logan lose his first tooth. Jackson wanted to see "Clara Belle" the tooth fairy.
Logan was showing us were he lost his tooth...
He was holding his tooth.
Can you see the tiny little tooth? It's SO small.
We put Logan's tooth in a baggie and taped it on his head board. He was ready for Clara Bell to come.
Jackson and Logan were looking to see what Clara Bell left for Logan's tooth. WOW $3 whole dollars!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day...

Happy Mothers Day Mom! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I really missed you on mothers day but I am looking forward to spending time with you this week. I thank God for you. Thank you for all you have done for me my whole life!

Grandma~ Happy Mothers Day & I love you.

Sunday morning I got up so happy because I am a mommy! I love love love my two little boys more than anything. I am so proud to be their mommy. I couldn't have a better title in the whole wide world! (Or sweeter boys)
I had an AMAZING Mothers Day! Thank you John for our boys. I feel so blessed to be called MOMMY. Logan and Landon you are so special to me. I love you both so much and thank God for you. Thank you for my dresses, rosebush and pearl ring. I love them.
Landon and I went to church. He stayed with me the whole time and did great! We especially enjoyed watching Jackson and all the little children get up and sing. It was the so precious. I know it made all those Mommy's day extra special. It touched my heart and all I could do is smile. Jackson you did a GREAT job and looked so handsome! Aunt Jessie is SOOO proud of you!!! Jaimi and Jordan you both looked so pretty. Jaimi you are such a wonderful Mommy!

After church we came home and made a yummy ravioli bake and brownies. Josh, Jaimi, Jackson and Jordan came to enjoy our dinner with us.

After we ate Jaimi, Jackson, Logan and I went to the craft fair. We all had so much fun. I was so happy Logan had such a good time. Him and Jackson (and Jaimi) rode the GOSPEL train. They looked so cute (even you Jaimi) and had so much fun. Logan had a BIG smile and wanted MORE! They ended up riding 2 times. I loved getting to spend the one on one time with my boys.
I lost my wallet while we were at the craft fair. I was in the BIGGEST panic you had ever seen! I prayed and thought to myself the Lord will be the only way I will get this back. I prayed he would lead me to it and guess what... He DID! We found it! Thank you JESUS for ANOTHER answered prayer in my life. God is so amazing! All we have to do it pray and believe God's power. I have experienced his power MANY times in my life.
After we got back from the craft fair (with my wallet) Jaimi and I went to eat dinner. The guys watched the kiddo's for us. We had a really fun time and our Mexican dinner was Great!

I told you I had a AMAZING day. See all the wonderful blessings in my life. Being a MOMMY really is the GREATEST! And I have a pretty amazing husband too. Love you honey.

Happy Mothers Day to all you Mommys!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Public School... 30... Milestones...

School enrollment...yes P...P....Public Sc...School
John turned the BIG 30,
Landon Brice is doing all kinds of new things.

Yes I said it... Logan is starting BIG school this fall. He will be in first grade at public school. We are all so excited and YES I am VERY nervous. I have been doing lots of praying to get prepared for this. I know Logan is 100% ready! We went to visit the school he will be attending. Logan LOVED it. He got right down with the kids and was ready to play. The teacher he will have is AMAZING!!! They have such a WONDERFUL program for more severe children with special needs.Wheelchairs, Gait trainers, Feeding tubes and nonverbal kiddo's aren't intimidating to them. Which made us feel really good. There are only 10 kids in the classroom with a Special Ed teacher, 2 aids and a nurse. Which by the way is the same nurse who cared for me in recovery when I had Landon. She has also taken care of Logan when he had his button (feeding tube) replaced. She is a VERY sweet Lady. Isn't wonderful how the Lord allows everything to fall into place!

John turned the big 30! His theme was "time flies" It was a perfect theme for his gift. He has always wanted to get his pilot's license so I got him flight lessons. He was so excited! Logan and Landon got him a bike. Grandma and Grandpa came to celebrate with us. We had a cookout and got a cookie cake from Great American Cookie Factory. It was YUMMY! Grandpa enjoyed the cookie so much his sugar level was 170 something. Thanks G-ma & G-pa for coming to celebrate John's birthday with us. We had lots of fun!

Landon Brice is growing so big! He is 9months old and has 3 teeth. The 4th one is on it's way! He is babbling crawling & getting into things. Plays patty cake, peek-a-boo & gives sweet sweet kisses. He has to have paci and cuddle with Mickey to go to sleep. Wakes up 2 times at night. He loves bath time and going on walks. He thinks Daddy and Logan are so funny. He is a BIG mommy's boy and I have to admit I love it! It has been so much fun seeing him develop and hit his milestones. Landon you make mommy smile!