Yes, The Lord has done Amazing things for us! What Joy! Psalm 126:3

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Logan's Photo Shoot

Logan was being so funny today. I got out my camera to take a couple pictures of him. I told him to look at me and smile. He did & I took a picture. He wanted to see it right away and I showed him. I told him smile again & I would take another picture. He was so proud of his self & had to see it on the camera again. When I showed him, he started laughing and was having such a good time. Of course we kept playing and taking more pictures. I can't ever have enough pictures of him!!! I was telling him to do different things like, Show me you teeth, Sit up big & Look at mommy, Where are your ears? We had so much fun!!! I got the cutest and funniest pictures. Just thought I would share these with you. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did taking them!!!!

This one is my favorite he was sitting up so BIG & gave me a sweet smile!!!

" Stick out your tounge"

"Were are your ears"
I like this one cause he's looking right at the camera

"This was his proud of his self picture"

"Praise Jesus"

"Roar Like a Dinosaur"

Special Prayer Request

Please say a special prayer for my Uncle Billy. He has been having colon problems and has to go into have surgery tomorrow morning to remove part of his colon.

This is a picture of My Uncle Billy and his cute boys Justin and Brandon.

(We Love you and are saying special prayers for you Uncle Billy. Everything is going to go just fine.)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Sisters and Me

I have 3 GREAT sisters Jaimi, Jill, and Starla. I am so thankful for them. Now that we are grown and married I would say we are closer and can relate in more ways.

Jaimi and I are very close to one another. (Sometimes a little too close.) We talk about 50x a day. We are only 11 months apart in age. She lives about 15 mins. from me and we are both stay at moms with the sweetest little BOYS. They are only 2 years apart (AND WE ARE BOTH PREGNANT!!!!) She's having a little GIRL due in about 3 weeks and I am having a little BOY expected at the end of July! We are both so excited, but have decided we will NOT be going on weekday shopping trips together with 2 boys ages 3&5 and 2 new babies. We thought it was tough before. IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE!!! We will just stick to yard sales on the weekends. It's really nice to have Jaimi so close in age and to live by. She is so great to help me out when I need it! She is truely a wonderful sister!!!!
Here is Jaimi with her husband Josh and precious little guy Jackson.

Then there's Jill "LULU"... our baby sister who 3 years younger than me. Of course we feel like we have to look out and take care of her. Jill has been married for 3 years and has 2 "furry babies"
Rosco and Sissy. I don't get to talk to her 50x a day because she's always working, but we still find time to talk and are close. She works full time and is going back to school to be a teacher. I love talking to Jill because she's so funny. She will call with a story or to ask me a question that just makes me laugh. Like... this recipe calls for soda but what kind of soda should I use? ... UM... baking soda Jill.... OH I thought they meant soda "pop." Good thing her husband isn't picky and is so easy going. Something else hilarious to me is she has the hardest time with her wood floors. She will call and say "how do I get these streaks off my floors".... I have mopped 5x with different cleaners and have tried EVERY mop I have and nothing works. She really has like 5 or 6 mops for her floor. I've thrown out a few suggestions to her but nothing has worked yet. I'm not sure if it's the mops, cleaners, floors or the person doing the work. (If anyone has any tips for her i'm sure she would love the advice.) She is the type of person everyone likes and gets along with. I love Jilly Bean!
Here is our Jilly Bean.

Starla is our oldest sister. Our mom married her dad when I was about 10 so we didn't really grow up with her, but we have always gotten along really well. Probably better than Jaimi, Jill, and I did growing up. She was already married and had a 3 year old little boy when our parents got married. I was so excited to become an aunt. I always like to be called Aunt Jessica. It made me feel big. Starla has 2 handsome boys 20 and 15 and a beautiful little girl that is 5. She is such a great mother to her children and is so involved with their lives. She is really good at decorating and her and her little girl LOVE shopping. She is a fun person to be around. I always like talking to her and catching up on whats going on. We have a lot of the same interests.

Me and My oldest sister Starla

Me Jill Jaimi

Friday, April 24, 2009

Logan Grant's 1st BIKE!

Logan is riding his new bike. You can see by the smile on his face he LOVES it!!!! Logan is taking his new bike for the FIRST test drive.
Be a good driver Logan... Jackson's on back... Hold on tight Jackson!!!
Papa Lloyd is helping us take off.

Logan is doing so well riding his new bike. He is using his hands to hold on GOOD JOB LOGAN!
(It is so exciting to see Logan be able to ride this bike!!!!!)

Daddy and Logan with his new bike.

Thanks to AMBUCKS for our new bike. It is nice to have something FUN for Logan that fits his needs. He LOVES it and it's great movement for his muscles. He feels like such a BIG BOY riding it. Just look at the BIG smile on his face in these pictures!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Family

Here are some pictures of our family.

John and Me
May 2007

John, Logan (our little train conductor) and me.

Hello everyone!

I'm SOOO excited about being able to post pics and updates on our family. We have so much going on with Logan and our new baby boy on the way. This is a great way for us to be able to inform you of all the progress Logan is making and how our family is doing. I will be putting some new pics and updates on our site very soon!