Yes, The Lord has done Amazing things for us! What Joy! Psalm 126:3

Thursday, October 1, 2009


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Fall and Christmas are my favorite times of year. The fall colors are my favorite. The smell of candles and yummy soups, ciders and desserts... carmel apples are the best! I always want to make a pumpkin cheesecake roll and never do... but this year I think I'm going to. I love driving down the road with the leaves falling & looking at all the trees. God's creations are so beautiful!
Anyone have any yummy fall recipies? (soups, drinks, desserts ect.)

Cubby Cheeks...

Our little Landon is getting chubby cheeks. As you can tell he likes to eat! I'm guessing he weighs about 9lbs. now. What a CHUNK! I love to cuddle with him. He's so cushy! He's a little show off for the camera. I get it out and start taking pictures and he starts smiling and cooing. It's really cute.
Aww... He's just so sweet.
He's such a blessing to us.Pictures are something you can't have to many of.
babies... babies... babies... I jus love em!

School days...

Logan is doing so well with school. He especially enjoys doing arts and crafts. Last week we did the "fall" theme. We decorated the house and Logan helped out. Here are a few of his projects... Logan finger painted these beautiful leaves. Everyday I hang up the craft he makes on our back door. When John gets home Logan is so excited to show his daddy what he has made. John gets all excited and Logan smiles from ear to ear. It's the cutest thing! Here are some of the other things Logan has been working on...

Logan is holding up a little mini book he made of squares. He was proud of himself.
He filled up his sticker chart. We are working on self help skills. This is a GREAT book for little ones. Logan got this last week for doing such a good job on his school work. Who said learning can't be fun! We work on fine motor skills/pincer grasp, textures, and counting with this book.They can fill in the missing spots with real cheerios. What fun! Logan can pull up to stand and walk along the couch on his own now. YEA Logan. He is getting that much closer to walking.
This week our theme is pumpkins. We went on a pumpkin hunt around our house counting all the pumpkins. Logan had #'s 1-6 on pieces of paper, He was walking with his walker and when we came to a pumpkin I handed him the # and he put it beside the "ORANGE" pumpkin. Orange was our color for the week. We did 4 things in one with this fun game. We have so much fun learning. Logan had a blast!

This project was a great sensory project. Logan was able to tolerate the glue and tissue paper for about a minute and then started gagging. Later when John got home Logan went show him the project he made and just going up to it made him start gagging again.
He did a really good job.
Logan was really funny with this pumpkin. After I hung it up he would go up to it and get face to face looking at it's eyes. I told him the pumpkin was looking at him.
He is an A+ student!