Yes, The Lord has done Amazing things for us! What Joy! Psalm 126:3

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Landon's 1st Birthday...

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!
You are absolutely PRECIOUS and we LOVE you so much!!!
This last past year has been so amazing with you. I thank GOD for the wonderful blessing that you are. We already have so many memories with you and are so excited to watch you grow and make many many more wonderful memories. You have been nothing but pure joy in our lives. We love you Mommy & Daddy~ xoxo

It's Banana's! Landon Brice is ONE!

We celebrated Landon's birthday on Saturday with our family.

We had the CUTEST EVER cookies made by Robin

You can kinda see them in the glass plate under the dome. I am sad I didn't get a better picture. I will have to attach her cookie blog to mine so you can see all the cute ones she has made. (Jaimi that means I need your tech. support! lol)

Seriously Robin does such an GREAT job on her cookies and they are SOOOOOOOO Yummy! I am amazed by them every time I place an order. John Loves them! I think he ate 1/2 of the order. He told me to order more this week. And I did! Ha! We are addicted!

Thank you so much Robin!!!

You are such a BIG boy! Mommy and Daddy are so VERY proud of you!

You LOVED your yummy cake and it was so fun watching you eat it!

Landon LOVED the balloons at his party! Fun Fun Fun!!!

Mommy had fun decorating your monkey cake

Monkey Cake

Grandma Debi help frost your little cake.

We served warm ham & cheese rolls, veggies and dill dip, fruit salad, and chips.

Happy Birthday Grandma Donna and Landon Brice.

Love you both sooooo much!

Landon Brice,
Your first birthday was SOOOOOO much fun and so sweet!

You were a VERY VERY cute birthday boy and had so much fun the whole time.

I loved the whole day. Having our family with us to celebrate was so nice!

Some of the special things I will remember are...

Having our family there. I remember standing back taking pictures and soaking up some VERY SWEET moments!

Watching John play basketball with the boys. Holding Landon and Logan up to shoot the basketball into the new goal John got Landon for his birthday. He was so excited to get Landon his FIRST Basketball goal! Are family was cheering the boys on. Logan got so excited!

I remember looking over at Grandpa Bill holding Logan. They are always so sweet together. He always makes Logan laugh. He just loves him!

I had my mom running around crazy doing a million things. Watching the boys, feeding Logan, preparing the food, frosting the cake, dishes, I think I said hey mom every 3 minutes and she was right there to help! Thanks Mom for all your help. The party wouldn't have been as special if you weren't there to help pull it all together. John too! I had him running to Wal-Mart, hanging balloons, and a million other things as well. Thanks Honey! I don't know how I would make it without you two taking care of me. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Papa Lloyd made Landon the sweetest toy box. It is so cute and will be a keepsake Landon will always have. Thank you Papa for doing such a GREAT job! We LOVE it!

Landon got a package in the mail from Granny and Papa. We were so excited to see what it was we couldn't wait til the party to open it. It was a truck. Logan and Landon both love it.

My favorite part of the whole party was watching Landon eat his cake! He dug right in and ate it up! He didn't care to get messy one bit. I think he would of ate the whole cake if I would of let him.

Most all of our family and friends traveled from Harrison to share this special day with us. Thank you all for coming!

Landon got lots of great gifts. He got a pooh bear and little brother onesie from Logan, a cute outfit and p.j.'s from Homer and Juanita, a ride on toy from Aunt Jaimi and Jilly, the toy box papa made him, a truck from Granny and Papa, Money from Grandma and Grandpa also from Uncle Brad and Marilyn, and the basketball goal from daddy!

It was one VERY SPECIAL day for us.

I thank God for blessing us with our sweet little boys!