Yes, The Lord has done Amazing things for us! What Joy! Psalm 126:3

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

updated pictures...

I haven't been posting many pictures lately. My camera is broken. I'm so sad! It was a GREAT camera. I have had it for a long time.I guess it just wore out from all the pictures I have taken with it. ha. Maybe Santa will bring me a new one for Christmas.
Here are some of the last pictures I took before it broke.
Our little Landon is doing so many fun things.
I love that I am getting to stay at home and play with him.
I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Logan's class went on a field trip.
I got to go with them and we had so much fun!
Logan and his friends loved getting to spend most of the day outside.

YES that is a LIVE SNAKE~

Logan and Landon are so sweet together.
(when they aren't fighting)
Landon really takes advantage of helping Logi out.
I think it's GREAT!
I pray he will always be there for his BIG brother.
I found this fun bounce house at a yard sale for $30.
It's in GREAT shape. I was REALLY excited!

Jackson came over to play in it with us.

John had to go to training in Little Rock for a week
He brought the boys a remote car.
They have so much fun playing together.
John gave Logan this cool hair do.
All he needs now is some color.
Blue? Red? Purple?
What you think?
Logan is such a daddy's boy!
I think they are so sweet together

I love this picture of Landon.
His face is so lit up!
Landon and Logan playing together.
They LOVE this keyboard.
Logan LOVES music.

Kisses for Brother. They are so sweet together.

My 2 sweet little nieces. Jordan Kate above and Kinley Reese below. They give me my girly fix since I have two sweet little boys that I can not dress up in bows and frillys.


The word submission means "an act of yielding to the authority or control of another.

Do we at times want something so badly that we submit to doing anything to get it? Are we submitting to admiration? Possessions? Self? Food? Money? Pleasure?

In his epistle to the Romans, Paul said, "to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are the one's slaves" (6:16) When our desires "war" within us (James 4:1) we are to submit ourselves to God as "slaves of God" (Romans 6:22)

Humbling ourselves before the Lord (James 4:10) and asking him to show us our heart will help us to recognize our own submission problems. Anne Cetas

Lord help us to submit to You,

To follow and obey;

And give us strength to fight the urge

To do things our own way.- Sper

True freedom is not choosing our own way,

but in submitting to God's way.

Today's Bible Reading- James 4:1-10

Monday, November 22, 2010

Here is a little daily devotional I am really enjoying doing.
Hope you will enjoy it as well.
Here is a part on the one I read today...
So often we focus on small disappointments that cause us to grumble and complain rather than focusing on the wonderful things God had brought in our lives, not the least of which is His everlasting love and eternal salvation.
"Paul wrote in everything give thanks" (1 Thess. 5:18)
We may not be thankful for everything that comes our way, but we can give thanks in everything. It may be difficult to be grateful when we lose our job or our health fails, but we can be thankful for the good that God has brought to us in this life and grateful fro the life to come.
--David Roper
As endless as God's blessings are,
So should my praises be
For all His daily goodnesses
That flow unceasingly!
Instead of being preoccupied with our problems,
let's praise the Lord for his blessings.
Today Bible Reading~
Psalm 42