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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A special needs Christmas...

Special Needs Christmas Ideas Part 1

Do you need Christmas Ideas for a Special Needs Child?

Are you like us and have had a difficult time searching for Christmas gifts that work for a special needs child in you family? I have some great ideas for you!!! I am a special needs Momma and understand how frustrating it can be to find things that work for your child. These items can be pretty pricey. Don't get discouraged yet... I have an IDEA! You can always have family go in together and get one of these GREAT toys! I had to explain to my family that Logan would be happy getting one thing that works for him vs. many things that are just going to frustrate him. Besides he gets overstimulated by the time he gets the second gift unwrapped anyway. Note: I have had 8 years practice with this issue! :)

This is a GREAT toy for children that need alot of sensory stimulation!

We got this one for Logan. He is going to LOVE it! It's such a GREAT sensory toy for him. Logan gets very frustrated with toys because he likes cause & reaction. However they don't give him the reaction he's seeking. He likes on/off buttons but then gets mad when he turns them off. This one only works when you push the buttons or pull the object. It's GREAT for children like Logan who don't have great fine motor control. It is VERY easy to manipulate!!! The Big blue button vibrates and has a little light when touched. The red button activates the little glitter dome. and the wooden ball on string plays like a little music box. The mirror a beads are one of his favorites. This is a great toy also because it's portable! Best of all it can be anchored to keep it from sliding or dropping. Velcro is one of my favorite things to use!

You can find this toy and many other GREAT toys at

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