Yes, The Lord has done Amazing things for us! What Joy! Psalm 126:3

Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter fun with LOTS of SNOW...

We have had SO MUCH snow the last few weeks! We went out to play and had some fun!
You can see the look on Logan's face how much fun he was having.
John has gotten some good exercise pulling and carrying Logi around.
Landon LOVED the snow too!
Logan and me sledding
My sweet little snow baby.
Logan saying Hi to everyone.
Logan liked crawling in the snow.
I LOVE pictures of John and my boys together. They are BIG daddy's boys!
I feel like Arkansas is a GREAT place to live. We get a little of everything. Just enough snow in the winter. Hot summers and the spring and fall weather where the temps aren't to hot or to cold.
After all I am the type of person who likes change.
I thank The Lord for the changing seasons in my life. Especially those tough ones! Amen?

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  1. I just bought "Silly Sock!" What a great idea and a wonderful cause!!! :)

    P.S. My son's name is also Landon, and he looks like your Landon! He was born 05/2009, also at 37 weeks gestation! :)