Yes, The Lord has done Amazing things for us! What Joy! Psalm 126:3

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer plans...

Just in case I don't get to blog this summer... You will know why. Ha

Logan gets out of school for summer break on Wednesday! YEA and YIKES! I am so excited to have him home for the summer. I have also prepared to have some extra help! We have lots of fun things planned. Each week we have a FUN theme and activities, crafts, games & outings planned. So here's what our summer looks like...

Week 1~ Baseball theme... Logan is starting baseball on Saturdays and I thought this would be a fun theme to kick it off.

Week 2~ VBS~ We always have SO MUCH FUN we are going to 2!

Week 3~Summer Fun & we are going to have a splash party! We LOVE PARTIES!

Week 4~Going to Grandma's. Daddy has to go out of town with work for training so were taking off to Grandmas. How FUN!

Week 5~ 4th of July week. PARTY!!!! SO EXCITING!

Week 6~ VBS~ AGAIN... YEA! YEA! YEA!

Week 7~ Fire Trucks and Landon's 2nd Birthday.THAT MEANS ANOTHER PARTY!!!! We are going to the fire station too!

Week 8~ FISH and we are going to visit an aquarium. This will be a new trip for us and I can't wait! I really think the boys are going to LOVE it!

Week 9~ Camping. You can't have summer without at least one camping trip. (this will be in our back yard.) ha. It will still be fun and we can end the night in our own beds. Logan will be much happier this way. We sometimes have to get creative! HA

Week 10~ Back to School~ it takes time for us to adjust to changes so we will get prepared the week before school starts and talk all about it.

Oh and I didn't mention... Swimming, Bike Riding, Park, Picnics, OT, PT, SPEECH, HORSES AND BASEBALL. Logan is one very busy boy so be praying I can keep up with him. I Just LOVE SUMMER! DON'T YOU?

So with all this I have made up my mind that I am going to just be flexable and have fun! If something doesn't workout that day then ok! I'm stress proofing my summer! My new moto is Live and be Happy! And I am going to allow other people to help me instead of tring to do everything myself. I have to let little things go.


I just love this one...

We are making Logan one of these for his room. Logan has a difficult time with holding on to toys and to release things he throws. Now that he has gotten bigger his throw is much more forcefull. ONCE AGAIN we are having to get creative! We are going to bulid one of these ourselves with the help of Papa. In the therapy books this one cost ONLY $1950.00!

( I'm pretty sure we can make it a little cheaper ourselves. Thanks to them for the ideas:)


  1. Your summer looks beautifully FULL! :) I love the creativity wall... it sounds perfect for Logan!

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