Yes, The Lord has done Amazing things for us! What Joy! Psalm 126:3

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day

Super DAD was our theme this year...

I couldn't get the boys to smile for their group picture. They were more interested in going outside to play.

The SUPER DAD banner is made out of paper napkins. ha

Logan and I got up extra early to decorate for our party.

We didn't really decorate to much.

But everything had a meaning... We hung 5 stars.... get it 5star dad! The BEST!

We even had superhero plates (spider man).

Logan helped me make his daddy a pancake breakfast... John's weekend favorite!
Landon expressed his love with his i heart dad shirt. Logi had one to match also.
We made a photo memory book for John and the boys did great on it!
He loved it!

We were so busy doing fun stuff all day...

John's parents came up to have dinner and play with us.

I didn't get a picture of our dinner but we had brisket, sweet corn, oven roasted seasoned potatoes, and rolls... oh and for dessert I made the BEST EVER strawberry cream pie! I will have to post that recipe. It is YUMMY!

John's dad said and I quote...
"that was the best * pie I have ever eaten. I could have ate the whole thing."

We had a bowling tournament on the wii. I actually tied John once! That is pretty exciting because he ALWAYS beats me.

Jumped on our new trampoline ( by the way I got it for $20 at a yard sale!)

Johns mom even gave us a GREAT performance jumping on it. We made a great video of her! She's has such a great since of humor!

The boys played in the pool.

Here Landon was giving papa his card. John's dad and Logi hanging out together.
I'm not sure who had a better time... Johns parents or us!
L & L love playing with them and they just can't get enough of the boys.
It's really sweet to me because my grandparents were such a BIG part of my life growing up.It was such a fun day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

He is faithful...


For sometime now we have been searching for a Church we could call home. We have tried out a couple churches in our area but none of them felt "right". We have now found a church & everything is so right! I really feel the Lord has lead us here. He has shown us so many little details about it that are SO RIGHT!

It has been difficult for us as a family to attend church. Logan pretty much has to have a one on one person with him most of the time. Meaning John and I hardly ever get to attend church together. He also has to be able to "handle" where he is.

(anyone that has a special needs or "Autistic" child understands what I mean :0) ...

If you do have an autistic or special needs child or know someone that struggles with these same issues don't give up on God! He doesn't give up on you. I can tell you from experience... Keep serving the Lord. Pray that he will lead you to somewhere that will work for your family. He does Love and care about you! Not everywhere you go people "accept" your challenges. But there really ARE people who care! Pray Pray Pray and don't give up!

So last week we had VBS at Our Church. I am SO excited and Praise God for our "New Family." Everyone there LOVES and accepts Logan. It's GREAT!!!! I am so GRATEFUL and this has been a HUGE answer to my prayers. PRAISE THE LORD!

Logan & Landon are in the front row sitting by each other.

Logan did really well and had so much fun!

He really liked the music but got mad when it went off.

Logan and some of his new friends.

The playground is even handicap accessible! The Lord even works out the smallest details! Isn't it GREAT!
Which is actually a big deal to Logan.

Wednesday night the BIG surprise was HOT AIR balloon rides. It was really fun!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011



This is my verse and I'm calming it! In my Monday night bible study our teacher has ask us to find a verse and clam it. As soon as she gave us this challenge I was on it! I knew exactly what MY verse was! This has been my verse & I have often said it but never have I TRULY calmed it!

Our teacher Kathy (which IS AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AMAZING WOMAN!) has also ask each one of us to be praying for one another about our verses. And WOW I can feel the ladies are praying for me.

The Lord is SO GOOD to show how he works in and through our lives when we allow him to.


It's when I am trying to do you know those fleshy things that I have a REALLY hard time. But when the Lord is given me the strength WATCH OUT!!!

(by the way I am writing this post for myself as a reminder for those days when I seem to forget)

He even knows what & how much I can handle. Remember in the last post I said I was getting help this summer? I am so excited! He will not put more on us than we can ever handle. If we are seeking him and in his word daily, we will respond to things so much differently! Giving ALL my worry and stress to The Lord I feel like I can say "I've got this" And that is ONLY because I have God on my side.

Praise the Lord! He is so good!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer plans...

Just in case I don't get to blog this summer... You will know why. Ha

Logan gets out of school for summer break on Wednesday! YEA and YIKES! I am so excited to have him home for the summer. I have also prepared to have some extra help! We have lots of fun things planned. Each week we have a FUN theme and activities, crafts, games & outings planned. So here's what our summer looks like...

Week 1~ Baseball theme... Logan is starting baseball on Saturdays and I thought this would be a fun theme to kick it off.

Week 2~ VBS~ We always have SO MUCH FUN we are going to 2!

Week 3~Summer Fun & we are going to have a splash party! We LOVE PARTIES!

Week 4~Going to Grandma's. Daddy has to go out of town with work for training so were taking off to Grandmas. How FUN!

Week 5~ 4th of July week. PARTY!!!! SO EXCITING!

Week 6~ VBS~ AGAIN... YEA! YEA! YEA!

Week 7~ Fire Trucks and Landon's 2nd Birthday.THAT MEANS ANOTHER PARTY!!!! We are going to the fire station too!

Week 8~ FISH and we are going to visit an aquarium. This will be a new trip for us and I can't wait! I really think the boys are going to LOVE it!

Week 9~ Camping. You can't have summer without at least one camping trip. (this will be in our back yard.) ha. It will still be fun and we can end the night in our own beds. Logan will be much happier this way. We sometimes have to get creative! HA

Week 10~ Back to School~ it takes time for us to adjust to changes so we will get prepared the week before school starts and talk all about it.

Oh and I didn't mention... Swimming, Bike Riding, Park, Picnics, OT, PT, SPEECH, HORSES AND BASEBALL. Logan is one very busy boy so be praying I can keep up with him. I Just LOVE SUMMER! DON'T YOU?

So with all this I have made up my mind that I am going to just be flexable and have fun! If something doesn't workout that day then ok! I'm stress proofing my summer! My new moto is Live and be Happy! And I am going to allow other people to help me instead of tring to do everything myself. I have to let little things go.


I just love this one...

We are making Logan one of these for his room. Logan has a difficult time with holding on to toys and to release things he throws. Now that he has gotten bigger his throw is much more forcefull. ONCE AGAIN we are having to get creative! We are going to bulid one of these ourselves with the help of Papa. In the therapy books this one cost ONLY $1950.00!

( I'm pretty sure we can make it a little cheaper ourselves. Thanks to them for the ideas:)