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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jackson's night before becoming BIG Brother

Jackson spent the night at our house last Thursday night. Jaimi and Josh had to be at the hospital Friday morning @ 5:30 to induce her labor. We had a really good time with him.

Before Jaimi and Josh left him that night he gave Jaimi's BIG belly hugs and kisses Bye Bye!
We told him next time he sees mommy Jordan will be out of her belly & he would be able to hold her.

After Jaimi and Josh left we headed to Wal-Mart to get baby Jordan a welcome gift.

We got back from Wal-Mart ~ Uncle John John and Jackson had a bed snack. Jackson wanted a banana and John John shared tator tots with him. They were acting like they were monkeys. "ohh ohh"

It's not a sleepover without jumping on the bed..... RIGHT? Jaimi you can blame Uncle John John.

Mom .... We didn't forget to brush our teeth...

Jackson and Logan were ready to go to sleep.

Jackson had his teddy bear and was ready for the lights to go out. Looks like he's sleepy Huh! I think he was so EXCITED to meet his baby sister.

Around 12 we got the call that Jordan was here. Jackson and I headed up to the hospital to meet her. We didn't even have time to get our nap in.

Jackson was practicing how to hold baby Jordan. He picked out the baby doll he's holding for her as a welcome gift.

Josh was taking Jackson back to meet his sister for the first time.

This was the first time Jackson held Jordan. It was is sweet how he looks at her and smiles. She was wide awake waiting to meet her BIG brother.

Later that evening Jackson and I took Uncle John John and Logan up to meet baby Jordan.

Jackson was showing off his baby sister to Logan and Uncle John John. He was so proud!!!

Jackson was checking on his sister. He's going to be such a good helper!

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  1. Yipppeee. Thanks for posting the pics of Jordan! She is so pretty. I love the ones of Jackson with her. So sweet.