Yes, The Lord has done Amazing things for us! What Joy! Psalm 126:3

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Logan ate by mouth!!!!!

We are so proud of Logan!!!! He ate a full 3.5 oz. (80 calories) container of Granola baby food today at lunch time. He usually eats all of his feeds through a feeding tube in his tummy. We have been working in therapy to eat by mouth and he has been doing good. The most we usually get him to eat is 1/2 of the container. He hasn't been able to eat much by mouth without gaging and he isn't ever able to eat enough calories to replace a tube feeding. He takes pedisure through his tube with added calories which total 306 calories per feed 5x daily. When we can get him to total that amount per feed then we can start replacing tube feeds with oral feedings. It is a long process but I know we will eventually get there. My long term goal is for him to eat orally 3meals a day and supplement with 2 cans of pedisure. For now we are taking baby steps but are making progress. That's the important thing. I just wanted to share our good news. It made my day!


  1. This is such great news! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am so thrilled about Logan! I like your new hair!