Yes, The Lord has done Amazing things for us! What Joy! Psalm 126:3

Monday, May 11, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame...

Well, Logan had his FIRST baseball practice Saturday. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen! He had so much fun and so did all the other kids. John was just as excited to be out there playing with Logan and I loved watching them!

We all got up early Saturday morning and got around. We explained to Logan what we were going to go do. He acted interested and kept saying "Ba Ba"(ball). We were almost to the fields and I turned around and asked Logan, What are we going to do? I didn't expect him to remember because we hadn't said anything to him about his game since we left the house. But he answered me..." Ba Ba". I was shocked that he remembered!!! I think he was really excited to go play. I will admit John and I were a little nervous. This was a first for us and we weren't for sure how Logan was going to handle all the stimulation. We showed up early and the kids were walking around with their gloves and throwing balls. We were just kind of standing over to the side. John said... Jess how is Logan going to do this? We knew this was a special needs ball team, but all the kids there were able to walk and hold on to their bats, balls and gloves. We aren't able to do that. When I talked to the coach on the phone he knew Logan's situation and said it would be adapted to him, so I reassured John it was going to work for Logan. A few minutes went by and more kids were showing up. Kids in wheelchairs like us came up and we felt a little more in place. The coach introduced himself. He gave a little speech about what was going on and divided the teams. We started playing. Logan and John sat with his team in the dugout. Logan and John went up when it was his time to bat. John helped Logan hit the ball. They took off running to 1st base. They made it, SAFE!!!! Logan was having so much fun. He would gag every so often because of the wind. There was a couple times when the noise upset him, but John just comforted him and told him it's okay. We are really working to get him to tolerate more. He is 5 1/2 and fixing to be a BIG BROTHER! I actually think it's harder on John and me to be the TOUGH ones. We still sometimes see Logan as our baby that has gone through so much. But really he is a BIG BOY that is SO STRONG!!!
John and Logan ready to play ball!

Logan hitting the ball~ GO Logan!!!!

SAFE on 1st base!!!
On the way to SECOND...
RUN!!! RUN!!! RUN!!!

Knuckles Mrs. Linda!!!
Defence in the out field.

When I Look at Logan he inspires me. He makes me a stronger person. When I am faced with what I think is a tough situation, I look at him and think, if he can go through the things he has, why can't I handle the little challenges I am faced with. It makes me have a different outlook on life and a much better attitude. God has given us such a blessing with Logan. He is so much fun and John and I love having him in our lives!!!

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  1. yes, Logan is an inspiration, but so are you Jess. he is a very lucky little guy to have you as a mom. i loved these pictures and i am so glad that i know about your blog. i went back and read every post. my favorite is the bike one. go logan!